United In Prayer


My House shall be a house of prayer....Matthew 21:13

Prayer is talking with God, Our Father, and creator of the heaven and the earth.

We are His children. He loves to communicate and be intimate with us. We are the apple of His eye and His delight. He waits patiently for us to come to Him. 

Prayer is powerful and effective. The Bible says that the fervent effectual prayers of the righteous man avails much. James 5:16. We are to always continue our conversations with God. We are encouraged to pray without ceasing. I Thessalonians 5:1. God will answer your prayer. He says to call on Him and He will answer you. Jeremiah 33:3. 

God hears the prayer from a person with a sincere heart. A person does not have to use eloquent speech nor wordiness to impress God. He hears us before we call. He knows when we are hurt or troubled. God is waiting on you. 

Short Story: Elijah was a righteous man, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. Then he prayed again that it would rain and the rain brought much fruit. 1 Kings 17:1-7

Under the wing of an angel, we feel protected. Through prayers to God, we feel connected. 

Peace is said to be offered on the wings of a dove. Prayers can bring peace along with hope, faith, and love.

Wings of a jet plane provide steady flight. I pray you remain steady and strong through this fight.

Butterflies have wings to fly playfully free, and free from this monster is what I pray you'll soon be. 

Birds spread their wings as they leave their nest. We're spreading our prayers that you'll always be Blessed.