This site is dedicated to former Pastors of House of Prayer Church, Bishop Amos Tillman, Sr., Pastor Doretha Tillman, and Pastor Elizabeth Palmer. They laid a foundation of prayer and fasting in the church and community. The church was non-denominational and all people were welcome. When Bishop Amos Tillman, Sr. passed away, Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer became the new pastor and when Pastor Elizabeth Palmer passed away, her daughter Doretha Tillman became the pastor. When Pastor Doretha Tillman retired in 1986, her daughter Dr. Tirazah Huff was handed the torch to carry on the legacy.

Dr. Huff is called of God to continue to build the church and has expanded on the foundation by incorporating the House of Prayer Church and receiving tax exemption 501 (c) (3) status. In 2001, House of Prayer International, Inc., was founded. Additionally, Dr. Huff expanded the vision and mission by embracing worldwide ministries. House of Prayer International, Inc. embraces house to house prayer and family evangelism. The expansion further includes Power Team House of Prayer International and Prayer for America Project. Dr. Zeta Richardson is the President/Ceo of House of Prayer International, Inc.