God We Repent Prayer

All the trials we have been through
Were test to see if we would call on your name,
But we didn’t
God we repent.
God we ask for your mercy.
 We bow our heads in prayer in reverence to you.
You said you would be by our side through anything.
We didn’t believe!
God we repent.
In this time of need we as individuals
And we as a nation come to you
In utter humility.
God we repent.
God in this time of need we realize
We can count on you,
God we repent
For not trusting our lives into your hands.
God we repent.
It stirs our souls to realize what you
Have done for our Nation.
Because we are loved and humbled in your name,
We turn from our wicked ways.
God we repent.
Help our nation in our most troubling time
God we realize the path that
Our nation was headed down before
The events of September 11th.
God we repent.
We ask you to pour your
Mercy on our distraught nation.
As we look back over all the trials
We have been through,
We realize it would have been a lot easier,
If we had called on your name.
God we repent.
It took such a ground-shaking event
To realize we are nothing,
Unless we humble ourselves to you.
God we repent.
@2003 Ariana McKinney

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